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The Knights of Nottingham


Fees for 2020

Good vs Evil
This show is suited to small to medium size arenas. ( approx 60m x 20m) Prices start from £2700
The Robin Hood Tournament.
This is suitable for a small to medium size arena ( approx 60m x 20m ) Prices start from £2700
The Golden Spur Competition
This show is designed for medium to large arenas, in which our normal format is unsuitable. Prices start from £2,700

Also available:- a banquet service .Prices start from £500
– a night/evening show with flaming props. Prices from £250

All costs are exclusive of travel charges to your event. These costs will be obtained promptly from the Artiste at the time of your enquiry.

Technical Information

Ideal Arena Size: variable from large to small depending on performance chosen
Terrain: firm level ground
P A Requirements: CD player and radio head microphone
Parking arrangements: arena side for safe access for horses
Insurance: call Gayna on 01664 434776 for details

The Knights of Nottingham specialise in medieval jousts and the skills associated with this sport of kings. Choose from:-

  • Good vs Evil A standard jousting show. 4 to 6 mounted knights , with all the thrills and spills of a jousting tournament.
    This show is a well balanced mix of blood pumping action , comedy and breath taking skills.
  • The Robin Hood Tournament A jousting show with a Robin hood theme. All the characters you know and love faced off against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham in a battle for the hand of lady Marion.
  • The Golden Spur Competition A fast paced mounted skills contest between the Knights. Watch the Knights test their skills against the quintain, spear a line of rings at the gallop or test the sharpness of their swords in the cabbage chop.
  •  Banquet Service Evening entertainment  provided by the knights in character and includes a unique blend of skill and comedy, for a truly memorable evening.